Power & Energy

Power & Energy – The Energy industry is the totality of all of the industries involved in the production and sale of energy, including fuel extraction, manufacturing, refining and distribution; this industry is a crucial part of the infrastructure and maintenance of society. The Power & Energy industry title is wide ranging and encompasses the petroleum industry (including oil companies, petroleum refiners, fuel transport), the gas industry (including natural gas extraction and coal gas manufacture), the electrical power industry (including electricity generation and electric power distribution), the coal industry, the nuclear power industry, the renewable energy industry (including those involved in hydroelectric, wind and solar power generation, and the manufacture and distribution of alternative fuels). From Large diameter butt-welded Polypropylene pipework for Power stations cooling water to Nylon-lined Polyethylene for fuel dispensing at service stations, Hysunny can offer a wide range of products for the Power & Energy industry.

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